Brittany is a member of the New Futures Alumni Committee.  A Spring 2009 Scholar, she used her New Futures scholarship to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education from Temple University before obtaining a Master of Science in Special Ed from Johns Hopkins.

“It is important for me to give back to New Futures for the same reason it is important for me to teach. I have to invest back into the communities and organizations that afforded me the resources to be successful. New Futures provided me some privilege in my time of need, in the form of a scholarship. Now they provide so much to a very specific group of people who are often overlooked. Students with more passion than money can leverage New Futures to reach levels that were once unattainable; they are often pioneers in their families and break cycles of oppression. I am always willing to be a part of New Futures’ efforts to be privileges to the next generation of under-served and deserving young people.”