How to Apply

New Futures specifically works with young adults who are pursuing shorter-term post-secondary educational credentials, providing scholarships, academic/career advising, skill-building workshops, career education programming, and more. New Futures awards scholarships of up to $7,800.00 to finance Scholars pursuing the following degrees and/or credentials:

  • Associate degree;
  • Professional certification.

New Futures works with 14 Community Partners who help their young adults apply for the New Futures Scholars Program.

Our eligibility checklist can be a guide for interested applicants in assessing their eligibility for the Scholars Program.

The Spring 2019 application is now open!

DEADLINE: March 29, 2019, at 12:00 PM.

Applicants, please contact your Community Partner representative to access the online application. All applications must be submitted through a New Futures Community Partner; we will NOT accept applications directly from applicants or from individuals who are not affiliated with a Community Partner.  Please note that we are also no longer accepting paper applications.


New Futures Second-Time Scholars Program Application

New Futures alumni – those who’ve successfully completed their programs and have earned an associate degree or professional certificate in their chosen field – may apply for a second scholarship with New Futures. Please consult our new eligibility checklist for Second-Time Scholars.  For those eligible Alumni, New Futures will finance the following degrees and/or credentials:

  • Associate degree;
  • Bachelor degree;
  • Professional certification.

Interested Second-Time Scholars should contact Ellie Geraghty (Alumni & Career Program Manager) at