New Futures Scholars Program

New Futures Scholars Program empowers low-income students to obtain a shorter-term post-secondary education (associate’s degrees or post-secondary certificates) toward a meaningful career and financial self-sufficiency.

The New Futures Scholars Program provides:

  • Scholarships up to $7,800 awarded to selected students affiliated with a New Futures Community Partner
  • Scholar Workshops help Scholars develop communication and priority-setting skills
  • Ongoing Scholar Support throughout students’ post-secondary and career advising.
  • The New Futures Scholars Weekend fosters a sense of community for Scholars and assists them in developing skills that contribute to academic and career success

Each scholarship covers a significant share of the student’s education-related expenses and can include tuition, books, transportation and a computer. Awards vary by individual based on the educational program, the cost of tuition and other financial aid received.

Scholars pursue careers in fields such as:

  • Health Science
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Business Management & Administration
  • Finance
  • Paralegal Studies
  • Education & Training
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Many more