Community Need

New Futures believes that pathways to financial stability strengthen individual lives and our region as a whole. We provide financial support, post-secondary support and success programming, and career guidance to low-income young people in the DC Metro Area. The need for our unique program is clear:

1. The labor market continues to grow more demanding.

Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce predicts that by 2018:

  • 71% of all jobs in the District of Columbia (500,000 jobs)
  • 66% of all jobs in Maryland (2 million jobs), and
  • 64% of all jobs in Virginia (2.8 million jobs)

will require some post-secondary education. Nearly half of these jobs will go to people with an associate degree or post-secondary certificate. These careers pay significantly more than those open to individuals with only a high school degree. Of the people with post-secondary licenses or certificates, 27% of them earn more than the average bachelor’s degree recipient.

2. The college “one-size fits all” approach does not work.

  • Much emphasis is placed on going to a four-year college, yet only 30% of young adults in the U.S. successfully complete a bachelor’s degree.
  • Not all careers require a four-year college degree, nor does everyone need a bachelor’s degree to be successful.
  • Students need multiple and varied educational pathways to meet their needs.
  • The cost of four-year college is prohibitive for many.
  • “Stackable” credentials can increase the persistence and motivation of students by offering smaller, yet concrete “sub-goals.”

Our Approach

New Futures strategically responds to these post-secondary education and workforce realities. We support underserved young people, ages 17-to-29, seeking community college degrees and other shorter-term certifications that will help them to launch rewarding careers in high-growth fields.  Underserved students face assorted barriers that affect persistence, graduation, and entry into the workfoce; New Futures has designed our program around the research and best practices proven to help our young people succeed.

At every step, the New Futures program provides:

  • Financial support for tuition, books, exam fees, technology, and transportation
  • Workshops tailored to help Scholars develop confidence and soft skills
  • Ongoing one-on-one academic advising and career coaching from a professional staff adviser who maintains consistent and high expectations
  • A strong peer network in the New Futures family

Community Collaboration

Unique in our niche, New Futures does not replicate efforts of our peers, but rather builds on the strong work of our Community Partners, collaborating to more effectively empower our mutual Scholars.

New Futures also relies on the extensive collaboration of our volunteers and Corporate Partners, who help us extend pathways for our Scholars through post-secondary education and into meaningful careers.