Who We Serve

The Need for our Services

Low-income youth in the DC Metro Area face major obstacles in accessing and completing higher education and entering the job market. In addition to facing major personal challenges, the young people we serve often lack knowledge and information about the many in-demand jobs available in the DC region and how to obtain them. Many fast-growing careers in our region do not require a four-year college degree.

Our present education system, centered on four-year college, is not well-adapted to the realities of the contemporary DC job market or the needs of the thousands of young adults who seek a practical education as a means to a fulfilling career.

The Young People We Serve

Through both our Scholars Program and our Career Education Program, New Futures serves youth and young adults in the DC Metro Area seeking life-changing educational and career opportunities.

Nearly all of our Scholars have incomes below the Federal poverty level. Many New Futures Scholars are immigrants. Scholars’ ages range between 17 and 29 years old, and about two-thirds are female. Forty-six percent are Hispanic; 46% are African American; 8% are Asian.