Current Scholars

Process for Obtaining Scholarship Funds:

Each semester, scholars must submit the following documents to their Community Organization  in order to receive their scholarship payments:

  • a financial statement from their school, showing the pending charges as well as other financial aid being received
  • a cumulative transcript which includes the results of the most recent semester
  • receipts for other education-related expenses, if the semester’s tuition balance did not require full use of the allowed scholarship amount.

For current New Futures scholars in need of additional funding:

Rather than applying for a second scholarship, a current scholar who is continuing with his or her existing program but is in need of additional funding may apply for a scholarship funding extension. He or she should complete the application for supplemental funding attached below and include the required attachments.

Note: This process is intended for scholars who are continuing with existing programs, not those who are pursuing a second certification or degree.

Application for Supplemental Funding (PDF)

These applications for supplemental funding may be sent at any time throughout the year, but should be sent at least four (4) weeks prior to the start of the semester for which funding is needed. New Futures will review the application and determine if additional funding is or is not granted, and, if granted, the additional amount.

Applications for supplemental funding should be sent to:
New Futures Director of Student Programs, through the student’s community organization