Educational Institutions

There are many educational institutes in the DC area which can provide students with the skills needed to pursue the careers of their choice.  Information about some of these institutions may be found by exploring the following resource links.

Non-College Post Secondary Schools:

When considering school options, it is important to ensure that schools are licensed and in good standing in the jurisdiction in which they operate.  Depending on the field of study, it is often important to ensure that they are accredited by a governing body in the field.  Information about schools licensed in our area can be found through the following links:

DC Licensed Non-Degree Institutions

Montgomery County, MD Institutions

Prince Georges County, MD Institutions

Virginia Institutions

Local Colleges/Universities with Certificate and 2-Year Programs:

Some local colleges and universities offer career training programs as well as certificate and associate degree programs.  When researching associate degree programs, please note which degrees are intended to prepare graduates for the work force and which are intended to prepare graduates to transfer to 4-year programs.  Generally, associate degrees with an “A.A.S.” or an “A.A.A.” designation are designed to prepare students for work, and those with an “A.A.” or “A.S.” designation are designed to prepare the student to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program.  School counselors are an excellent resource for helping you to choose the best program to meet your needs.

UDC’s Continuing Education Programs

UDC’s Certificate and Associate Degree Programs

Montgomery College’s Certificate and Associate Degree Programs

Northern Virginia Community College’s Certificate and Associate Degree Programs

College Programs:

For those with the time and commitment to dedicate to a 4-year bachelors degree, there are many local colleges and universities which may be considered.  New Futures has had students find success at the University of the District of Columbia, University of Maryland, George Mason University, Trinity College, Marymount University, Bowie State University, and others.  Others have gone away to school to a diverse list of institutions.  The KnowHow2Go website offers much advise and information on planning for college.